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  • Vintage 1942′ WWII Swiss Army Cowhide Tornister

    Vintage 1942′ WWII era Swiss army issued cowhide mountaineers rucksack,
    also know as the Haaraffe tornister.

    These very rucksacks were introduced to the Swiss Army in 1898 and
    remained unchanged until 1950 because of their decent design.

    The bag has multible compartments inside and one on front.

    The rucksack has an outside covering made of cowhide, this is from where
    the bag got it’s German nickname ‘haaraffe tornister’, which means ape backpack.
    The inside of the backpack is lined with canvas type of military fabric.

    It is in a vintage condition. It shows some traces of wear as it stood the test of being used for years.
    Some of the hairs have come off of the cow skin outer lining.
    The leather parts and straps got more flexible, but are still strong.

    the bag measures: 18.1″ x 10.6″ x 5.1″ (46 cm x 27 cm x 13 cm)