/ / / Antique 19th Century Victorian Prosthetic Wooden Leg

Antique 19th Century Victorian Prosthetic Wooden Leg

Antique 19th century victorian prosthetic leg

Though called a prosthetic “leg” this actually is a prosthetic foot as it only replaces the wearer’s foot.
The prosthesis features two springs and bending hinges that replace the joints of the ankle, foot and knee and so still made it possible for the wearer to walk after losing his, or her foot.
The prosthesis could be fastened by three leather straps on the wearers thigh.

This is an unique oddity that would fit perfectly in a medical collection or cabinet of curiosities!

After more than a century the prosthesis remains in used condition and shows signs of wear and time.
The leather covering of the foot has been torn in the middle.
Also one of the small leather strings to keep the highest strap in place has been torn.
Except of some minimal restoration I decided to keep the leg in its original condition.
All leather parts have been cleaned and treated with leather grease.

Length prosthesis: 84 cm
Length foot: 26 cm

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Antique Vintage 19th Century Victorian Prosthetic Wooden Leg Foot Prosthesis Medical Oddity Curiosity

Additional information

Dimensions 84 × 26 cm
Time period

19th Century


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