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Antique 20’s British The Windsor Banjo in Hard Case

Antique 20’s The Windsor No. 43 5-string banjo with original hard case

This intrument was made In England in the 1920’s and is a perfect example of old school craftmanship!
It features some unique characteristics like several types of wood and pearl details that were worked into its neck!

The original suitcase that comes with it features a small compartment where you could store spare strings or other belongings.
The suitcase still shows some old customs fragile-stickers from the Royal Dutch Airlines.

This unique instrument can still be played but would also fit perfectly decorating your lodge or cabin!

Considering its age the banjo remains in used, but good condition!
Due to time and use it shows signs of wear.
The piece has been generally cleaned and treated with antique wax.
It’s neck features a truss rod and can be tuned.
Sadly the lowest 6 strings have been removed but can be replaces.
Except of minimal treatment I decided to leave the banjo in its original condition and leave it up to the next owner to either keep it that way or fully restore it.

The hard case remains in used condition and shows multible signs of wear.
The original green inner lining has partially been replaces with yellow foam lining.

length banjo: 76 cm
length neck: 49 cm
width banjo: 29 cm

Length case: 88 cm
Width case: 38 cm

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Additional information

Dimensions 88 × 38 cm
Time period

Early 1900's


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