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Antique Early 1900’s Butcher Cleavers

Antique early 1900’s French butcher’s cleavers

These cleavers were hand forged in France and date back to the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.
They have been used for butchering and cutting meat.

These cleavers would be the perfect decor pieces to display on the wall of your kitchen or cabin!

After more than a century the cleavers remain in used condition and show a lovely patina they acquired due to time and use. Their blades still remains sharp and useable!
They are all treated with antique wax to give their surface a protective layer and a subtle glossy finish.

There are 3 knives available! Price is per piece!

Knife 1 (photo 2-4) early 1900’s marked ‘Patry Freres’
Length: 30 cm
Knife 2 (photo 5-7) early 1900’s marked Peugeot Freres’
Length: 32 cm
Knife 3 (photo 8-9) late 1800’s
Length: 26.5 cm

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Early 1900's, 19th Century


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