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Prehistoric Cave Bear Jaw Bone


Prehistoric 30.000 y/o pleistocene cave bear jaw bone – ‘Ursus spelaeus’

The Cave Bear was a massive omnivore that lived in Europe during the Pleistocene period and became extinct around 28,000 years ago.
This enormous animal is thought to be a relative to today’s brown bear but it was significantly larger.
Adult males averaged half a ton in weight, and when standing on their hind legs they were up to 10 feet tall!
That would put them comparably in size to the largest of modern-day Kodiak and Polar bears.
This bone has been found inside a cave, deep into the Carpathian mountains.

An unique and very decorative piece that would fit perfectly into your collection or cabinet of curiosities!

The jaw remains in damaged condition.
Sadly the upper part of the joint has been damaged and it’s missing all its teeth.

lenght: 27 cm
Height: 17 cm

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