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Vintage 50’s Leather Dutch Army Boots

Vintage 50’s KL Dutch army issued M57 para boots, almost identical to WWII US service boots!

These are very sturdy, decent boots which still have many miles to defy!
I personally have been wearing a pair of these for years now and I still love them!

After years of military service these boots remain in worn condition and show signs of wear.
The leather faded nicely due to years of wearing, giving them a rugged vintage-look!
They got a distressed patina which only adds the boots’ character by giving them a rough touch.
The soles and heels are a bit worn but will still endure for a while!
The leather has been cleaned and treated with leather grease.

Size 10 US / 9 UK / 43 EU

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Vintage 50’s Dutch Army Leather Ammo Service Trooper Boots Brown Rugged Style Grunge Rock

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Time period

Mid 1900's


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