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Vintage 50’s LeWa Achtop Guitar


Vintage 50’s LeWa archtop guitar

This instrument was built by the Dutch luthier company of LeWa and dates back to the 1950’s.
LeWa stands for the two companions who where named van Leeuwen & van de Water in the city of Gouda.
This old boy got some bluesy roots!

This unique guitar would be the perfect decor piece to hang on the wall of a bar, cabin or mancave!

After 70 years the guitar remains in good condition but shows signs of wear and use.
The patina it got due to many years of playing only adds to it’s character by giving it this relic look!
Except of minimal treatment and replacing the strings I decided to leave the guitar in its original condition and leave it up to the next owner to either keep it that way or fully restore it.

Total length: 103 cm
Neck length: 63 cm
Width body: 39 cm

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Vintage 50s 1950s Dutch Lewa Archtop Guitar Jazz Blues Instrument Bar Restaurant Man Cave Decor Sunburst

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Time period

Mid 1900's


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