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Antique 1920′ Carl Zeiss Jena Telefortem Binoculars

Antique 1936′ Carl Zeiss Jena Telefortem 12x binoculars

These antique binoculars were manufactured in the German city of Jena by Carl Zeiss, a company that over the years got famous for the high quality lenses & optical systems!
The level of craftmanship that was put into these binoculars is hard to find in modern optics and is life-lasting!

It stills shows its serial number of 413386, which indicated they should be made in the year 1920.
They come with the original leather case and neck strap. The name Blijdenstein was marked into the cover.

This piece would make the perfect gift to any enthousiast of optics or binoculars!

After a century both the binoculars and leather case remain in an used condition. The subtle patina it acquired over the years only adds to its charm! Sadly one of the object covers got damaged.
Also the leather strap in front of the cover snapped but was put back together by applying a leather patch on the back.

Width: 17.5 cm
Length: 13 cm
Width case: 19 cm
Height case: 17 cm

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Antique Vintage 20s 1920 German Carl Zeiss Jena Telefortem Binoculars Leather Case Hiking Hunting Gear Decor

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