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Antique 19th Century Whaling Flensing Knife

Antique 19th century American whale flensing knife

This crude blade was hand forged in the mid 1800’s and served a messy purpose.
It was made in New Bedford and was used in the Nantucket whaling industry to cut off blubber in the decompositioning of a killed whale.

Although I hope we all agree that hunting these majestic creatures is a horrible occasion, the whaling industry has been very important to the American history and economy. Back then the oil that was obtained from whales was used to produce many everyday products such as lamp oil, candles, and soap and therefor was essential. Sadly overhunting the arctic seas for centuries has been devastating to the populations of many whale species. Because of its dark past, mixed vibes remain attached to this rare relic though I still consider it a true piece of history that comes with loads of adventurous tales!

It’s crudely hand-wrought and forged in iron with a cone to attach a wooden handle.

This relic would be an unique piece to add to your whaling collection or cabinet of curiosities!

Even after almost two centuries this knife still remains in good condition! The iron surface of the blade only shows some minor wear due to use and time.

Length: 33 cm
Width: 23 cm

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Antique Vintage 19th Century 1850s Nantucket New Bedfort Cape Cod Whaling Whale Blubber Flensing Knife Blade Tool Curiosity Oddity Forged Iron Decor

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