Antique Vintage 19th Century 1800s Italian Lupara Maffia Gun Pistol Black Powder Hunting Rifle Barn Find Curiosity Oddity Cabin Lodge Decor


This antique pistol was found in an old barn on the Italian island of Sicily and appears to have a special connection to the local history! Made sometime in the 19th century, this weapon should originally have had two much longer barrels and a stock as this once was a double barrel percussion rifle. With its stock and barrels sawed off combined with some other makeshift adjustments, the rifle was converted into a pistol making it useless for hunting, but suddenly a much more efficient weapon for short ranges in an urban environment!

Nicknamed ‘the Lupara’, literally meaning ‘for the wolf’ and referring to it’s original hunting use, makeshift pistols and shotguns like this one were often used by gang members of the Sicilian Mafia!
Considering its background, this weapon was most likely used for criminal, Mafia related practices and might even have taken lives.

Because of its dark past, mixed vibes remain attached to this rare relic though I still consider it a true piece of history that would be the ultimate collectors item to the real Godfather fan!

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