Vintage 40's 1944 WWII Us Army Military Wooden Show Shoes Snocraft Maine Norway USA Cabin Lodge Ranch Decor


Inspired by the craftmanship of native Canadians these classic wooden snowshoes were traditionally handmade with rawhide latticeworks stretched around wooden frames. Their specific design is called ‘Bear Paws’ because of the distinctive shape which makes them very efficient and silent while moving trough the deep snow. Ideal for hunting, trapping and long-distance hikes these old rackets would have made the perfect gear for any wilderness braving mountain man, but these actually were military issued..

Made in 1944 by Snocraft Inc. in Norway – Maine (USA), one of the four designated companies that provided snowshoes to the US Army during the war, these actual snowshoes were issued to the 10th Mountain Division. A light infantery division trained for fighting in mountainous conditions that was sent out to Northern Italy to fight the Nazi’s in the Alps, some of the highest mountains and roughest terrains of Europe!

Except of their historical value I consider these iconic snowshoes to be highly decorative and perfect to display, hanging in a cabin, lodge or above the fire place!

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