Vintage 40’s Post WWII British Folk Art Lancaster Bomber Plane Model RAF Pilot Man Cave Decor Handmade


This handmade aircraft was not just built by any hobbyist, this wooden model of the iconic Lancaster bomber was made by a RAF pilot who actually used to fly the real deal, and the story behind it makes it even better!

In 1941 the Lancaster was first developed by the British aircraft manufacturer Avro, and was adopted by the Royal Air Force which flew over 150 thousand missions in them during the Second World War. As huge numbers of these heavy duty bombers were sent towards enemy airspace many of them were shot down before they could even reach their target.
When one of these unfortunate planes was brought down by German anti-aircraft guns, the pilot, who survived the crash, was saved by Dutch residents who lived near the crash site. These caring folks gave him shelter and made him hide insize their own home from the Nazi’s.
When the war finally ended and the pilot safely got back home in the UK he decided to thank his helpers in a special, appropriate way. He built them a model of the plane that he used to fly! The plane that was shot down and got destroyed during the crash!
Now this wooden model still remains a reminder of this unique story!

After 80 years this piece ended up nowhere less than the official Ralph Lauren Store of Seoul – Korea where it’s fully appreciated into the stylish shop decor!

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