Antique Vintage Early 1900s 1910s WWI Trench Art Artillery Shelve Folk Art Engraved Hand Crafted Stork Scottish Thistle Decor Collection Vase

This unique vase might seem like it has originally been crafted this way, but it was actually made out of a British artillery shell!

To escape the daily stress and boredom in the trenches during the First World War, soldiers would distract themselves through the production of art. Appropriately named “Trench art”, soldiers would express their feelings by hand crafting sculptures and other decorative items by repurposing materials that were available to them; such as bullets, shell casings and ammunition boxes. Limited in both these materials, and tools, soldier had to be very resourceful, which gives the artform its rough and naive character.

This very shell was engraved by hand and shows a chimney with a stork sitting on top. The Thistles that were carved into the bottom might indicate that it was crafted by a Scottish soldier! The beautiful decorations, in combination with the oxidized patina it acquired over the years, give this piece its characteristic, rough charm! It would make the perfect addition to any WWI or military collection!

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